Cowan Museum of History and Science

kenansville, North Carolina

Winter has a message of its own
When the cold is like a flower –
Flowers have their fragrance, winter has its handful of memories.
The shadow of a withered branch, like lean blue smoke,
Paints a stroke across the afternoon window.
In the cold the sunlight grows pale and slanted.

Lin Huiyin (1904–1955), "Sitting in Quietude" (excerpt), translated by Michelle Yeh


Currently the Joann Cowan Brown Botanical Garden is doing its winter sleeping, but soon the warmth will return and its flowers will be leaping!

To celebrate the beauty and diversity in the garden, we are excited to host the traveling exhibit, "Rich in the Rare," through the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, during the time when the plants, insects, and animals will be enjoying the garden's bounty.