September 2016

A Mule Bridle

February 2016

Fighting Oppression at Home and Abroad:

African Americans and World War II

August 2015

Buttons, Guns, & Funds: The Civil War at the Cowan Museum, Part II

July 2015

Recent Object Purchases

November 2014

The Cowan Museum - Quite a Busy Place These Days

Articles from

The Duplin County Employee Newsletter,

The Mosaic

September 2014

Museums are Important to Communities

October 2014

The People of Duplin County and the Cowan Museum:

A Two-Way Relationship

July 2014

July’s Featured Object at the

Cowan Museum of History and Science: Ruby-Zoisite

November 2016

Thanksgiving Checklist​​

April 2017

Cub Scouts Earn Pins at the Museum

January 2015

Can a Mere Mineral Bridge Differences?

May 2016

New Exhibits at the Cowan Museum

December 2015

Happy Holidays from the Museum

March 2015

The Latest Exhibits at the Cowan

August 2014  

The Cowan Museum's Fig Tree

Cowan Museum of History and Science

April 2016

Important Dates to Remember in April

January 2017

New Year's Check List

June 2016

Exhibit Opening Reception

May 2015

New Exhibit Introduces the Basics of Nanotechnology

February 2015  

Special Edition and an Introduction to Museum Assistant Kawan Allen

March 2016

Bits o' Green at the Museum

August 2016

Take the Cowan Museum Noticing Challenge

July 2016

So Much to Celebrate!

June 2015

Buttons, Guns, & Funds: The Civil War at the Cowan Museum, Part I

December 2014

Festivities at the Museum

November 2015

Fluorescent Minerals and Uranium Glass

February 2017

The Love Issue

April 2015

Duplin County and the Kelly-Farrior House

January 2016

New Year's Day and Auspicious Foods

December 2016

Misfit Toys at the Cowan Museum

October 2015